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Writing Exercise 1 - Mood and Tone


The name of the game is 'mood and tone'. Pick a protagonist, pick a secondary character, and pick a setting. That's it.

Now, as you listen through the playlist, follow the mood and tone as you write with whatever the song sounds like to you. If it's happy, write it happy. Write for AS LONG AS the music is playing. When the song changes, you change! Write for the new mood and tone in the next song as your story keeps going along. DO NOT start writing a new story. This is about adapting and playing with mood and tone, not writing perfectly.

So sit back, get ready to write, and have fun!

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Trying to study for a difficult test, and the first song, Jenkins: Palladio Allegro is making me feel like I'm intensely studying. Like if it were a movie, it would be in sort of a montage, with the feeling of a classical composer movie like Amadeus, but actually me studying computer science. // Therefore, awesome playlist.