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"That 70's Party" Mix

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Hey Foxxy that sounds awesome. I'm a chocoholic and a chef. We should create a playlist to end all others. Covering just bout everything. Mtl is great, used to live there. Peace out, GCGM

I am so glad you like it. It took weeks to find all the music I wanted, and days to figure out the right sequence to play them in. I tried very hard. Plus it's my Dad's generation, so I grew up with so much of the music, it made it feel like home. <3

Thanks. I'm glad you think so. I grew up listening to 70's music, but I didn't realize it. It wasn't until I started putting together music for my party, that I clued in that I LOVED the 70's. Disco, Funk, Soul, things that make you want to bob your head and dance. That's what inspired this mix. <3