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you learned to love seeing things inside out


"Did I squeeze you too tightly when we crossed the street? Child, when your father and I fought at night, did you mistake it for lovemaking? Did I teach those fingers to pluck families apart like flower petals? (I love you, I love you still.) Darling, was it the sound of the dead dog’s bones as your father dropped them one by one into the bucket that seduced you? Did it sound too much like your pulse?"
- Sierra DeMulder

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@undefined Stupid SoundCloud put up a link to a different song (I hate when 8tracks does that) but I fixed it so the ACTUAL song plays. Let me know if any other songs aren't what they're supposed to be!

i love this mix ahhh! i'm really sorry for the ad but i'm trying to get my 8tracks some listens, could you maybe check out my stiles mix? thanks! x