Frankenmartin, indeed
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Cause I's wicked, I is. I's mighty wicked.


Something wooing, something gifted, something undoing, something wicked: included in this here mix is also what happens to be just what just might just be music by but by far by no means limited to such artists and such bands such as Karen Elson, Cursed Altar, and Strange Angels.

30 tracks
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what is this weirdness?! your playlist is repeating songs for me again... after goatlove, emeralds played again, then wooden stake, king of prussia etc etc... i almost want to see if i'm stuck in an infinite loop...

Hahaha no clue, it happens to me sometimes too listening to mixes. Try the refresh/debug flash button?? It could be data relay issues/losing cookies??

it has happened to me only on your mixes... thing is, i never notice until i've heard at least four repeated songs... this speaks volumes, both about the quality of songs on your mixes, and the quality of my brain in general.

That's so weird and I'm not even a linear person! Maybe it has something to do with posting mixes from Rod Serling's hometown?

Mm-mmm, brain quality....

Respect, but I am a The Light in the Forest kind of guy myself-
(A good book if you haven't read it yet, under 200 pages so it's a perfect rainy sunday read)

ace, i like proper stories too, and that looks like a good 'un. cheers for that. and this... this is just exquisite.