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Enumerate, Elevate


A mix full of a civilization's doos'n'don'ts built up one track at a time to a culmination into the mix picked next after this one. Included in this here mix is also what happens to be just what just might just be music by but by far by no means limited to such artists and such bands such as Ciccone Youth, The Friendly Indians, and Virgin Black

20 tracks
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God of Shamisen! I have got to get back to listening to Dragon String Attack..I listened to it CONSTANTLY for like a month last year. I miss it now.
And Virgin Black, a very long term obsession for me. They always make me feel like I'm drawing my own blood as some kind of sacrifice in a Gothic cathedral (a feeling I'm not entirely averse to).
I love the brooding, menacing finale track (that 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music is such a brilliant collection).

Yeah that 99 compilation is a total gem. For some reason it's hard to find really great compilations that just... never let you go, you know what I mean? The last great one I discovered was a 70's Laotian-Thai funk collection that just screams with solid musical soul to it; when I first came a cross it, reading the title I was kind of biased and chortled some but it just blew me away and made me repeat it like 20 times.
Oh! Oh yeah, God of Shamisen did that to me too! Too bad they only have one album out. There are some albums that just pull you in like that, Self Spiller's Worms In The Keys album had me like that too; I have a major MAJOR love/hate for albums where tracks flow one into the other because when I'm not just checking out an album I listen to music on random so sometimes it just goes from like Ween to♫DA-DUUUHN!...♪ right into something like Virgin Black hahaa!