Frankenmartin, indeed
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One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.


Starts out pretty electric but it rounds out about into a fulfillingly filled out mix, included in this here mix is also what happens to be just what just might just be music by but by far by no means limited to such artists and such bands such as Man Or Astroman, Sey Hollo, and Philm.

38 tracks
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best thing i've stayed up doing til 4am on a friday morning for quite some time... so many 'i'll just see what the next song is's. bravo.

some weird things going on here though... songs repeating... songs that aren't on here scrobbling to my (foo fighters and the strokes?!!)

foo- whaa-NO! I didn't give you them, I'm clean yo!!
Yes, that picture is just the best too, wish I could also live off of the fear of crying toddlers... life would be soooo much easier!
It's 8Tracks messin' up, haven't even seen the email pop-ups for these comments yet either in my inbox.
I really gotta figure out whats wrong with my torrent-PC issues, torrenting makes my PC glitch out and stall now (just weird...) I could have seeded you my Man or Astroman discog :( I've only found one album so far but if you dig Man or Astroman then check out The Mofos if you haven't yet: rippin' & chuggin' electric surfcore fer sure.

fuck knows what it was, but even after i'd stopped playing music, i checked my profile, and it said i was scrobbling adele. i wept.

not sure whether 8trx or last were to blame, but it stopped after i changed my last password. 8tracks has been buggy all over the shop, what with no emails and mixes not showing up in mix feeds etc.
don't worry about the seed, i should have some MOA round 'ere somewhere. and cheers for the recommendation, i will get on it.

that picture is amazing, btw. i wish i'd scared more children with the inside of my face. more, meaning any at all.