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The Line In The Sky


The Line divided the sky in half. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life... so label it as (total) amateur unknown astronomical event recording, fourteen images:
A SciFi-assisted B-horror kind of mix. Included in this here mix is also what happens to be just what just might just be music by but by far by no means limited to such artists and such bands such as The Aliens, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and Feu Gregeois.

48 tracks
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Ah, but that's the thing: The world was turning (sun setting) as was the other planets in the sky at the time moving in the sky following their orbital path; because everything is in motion, the "shadow" should have moved/faded/pivoted/whatever... the "line" never moved or faded or pivoted angles or even dimmed as the night wore on- NOTHING‽ I may be eccentroverted as all get out but I know a violation of physics when I see one!