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Twilight of The Doctor


Looks like some dark days ahead for The Doctor, included in this mix is also what happens to be just what just might just be music by but by far by no means limited to such artists and such bands such as Isis + Aereogramme, Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory, and The Flaming Lips.

49 tracks
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i didn't realise there were so many doctor who fan mixes on 8trax... and i don't think i want to bother with any of them now that i've heard one that contains jesu, lovage and fela kuti. fuck yeah man. now, if you could drop me off three hours ago, that'd be great.

yeeeeaah, about that... I don't have a TARDIS, it's just the CAIDIS and I, though rather stuck here in the Twilight Zone. It really is too... I am a traveler but then I came here to Rod Serling's hometown and have been stuck here ever since. I may have found a way out! In about a year, year and a half though so eh, here's to music and nomenclature of the between.

ahhh, crap... i bailed last night 2 tracks from the end... damn myself and the constrictions of linear time. CAIDIS?

Computational And Internetworking Device In Service.
She is a relic of a PC even by the standards of way back then when I got her. First and only one I have ever owned, not so sure what that says about myself... It's some kind of one-off build model too, very hard to come across info on it. It is one unique trooper and one hell of a sturdy ol' gal, I love SciFi and so at figuring that out- it was it's name indeed fitting all around! Like that is what it was all along.
For the next time you have an afternoon or six:

Yes, quite... I'm still here listening to it too! I'm on Stolen Isis + Aereogramme
I saw your stockpile of mixes you got goin on, I think I'll have a delve into the library of your mind sometime here.