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Like Water For Chocolate: The Original Samples

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@FrankLotion Well said. This kind of music is generally outside of my horizons but lately it's been creeping in. I always liked and respected DJ Shadow and his enormous vinyl hip hop collection. It would be a dream to peruse his collection for a lot of people I am sure.

I came to this stuff backwards and I've probably listened to more of the source material than your average person. Keep it up and I'll keep coming back.

I've never heard anyone get peeved about "revealing" samples. It's not like the information is top secret or producers painstakingly try to keep the information tightly under wraps. Most times the information is even located in the liner notes/somewhere on the CD package. I'm an audiophile and within the circles I run in it's a sign of one's musical intelligence to be able to decipher and recognize the samples used in a particular song/album. When you think about it it's our right as listeners to know and discover these things. In addition to that, it's a nice way to expand your musical horizons and discover other artists/bands and their music. To each his own though

I wholly agree with your last two sentences because most of my joy from listening to sample based music comes from finding new artists and the feeling you get when you find out which samples a producer used and the way he cut the original, layered drums, bass lines, etc. Trust me I'm an audiophile as well and have been producing hip-hop based instrumentals for about 6 months now. On another note, it's really good to see that other people get as excited as I do about music!