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Caricature of Intimacy - A Touga Kiryuu Mix


It's hard to find songs that fit Touga. Many of the songs seem to fit Akio better, and his change in the series is the most subtle to grasp.

But Touga differs from Akio in that he's young, knows less of what he's doing, and the fact that he changes. The songs in the beginning focus on sexual decadence and a rejection of hope and morality. As it progresses, the songs become more self-aware of the futility of this lifestyle, and the idea that he has realized this far too late.

13 tracks
1 comment on Caricature of Intimacy - A Touga Kiryuu Mix

FANTASTIC. i burst out laughing at girls/girls/boys because it's so touga. self-entitled brat asking her to push another girl aside and ~just give in~, plus touga's possible bisexuality himself??? so good!

Your comment reminded me of a song that I'm shocked I overlooked, and this has been rectified. Thank you for your comment. It helped me improve the mix :D