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Loaded Guns and Shoestrings


RIP Kayla Marie Ludewick 1988 - 2010
RIP Breanna Hunter Gomez Sharp 1993 - 2011

Fourteen tracks including music by Alex C Yasmin K, Chicane and Cosmic Gate.

*Photo of Kayla Marie Ludewick

14 tracks
3 comments on Loaded Guns and Shoestrings

miss you Boss, its just not the same without you and it just isnt good enough talking to you in my prayers. i want to see you so bad and i want to hear your voice and feel your wormth when you hug me, and until the day i wont ever stop greeving. i think about you every second. saying kayla would have hated that lady bug or she would have loved to have been able of kiking back a couple cold ones like the old days. And thats what i have is my beer and my weed that keeps you in my tohughts and reminds me of you. I cant escape this pain no matter what i do and if i could have told you that too then maby it would have made a diference. because your decisson might have seemed like it would solve your problems but i just created a whole lot more boo. but i love you always and forever. WIsh you were here with me love:(

~ always in my mind
- neci aka snoox<3

i love and miss my number one girl, remember "me and this girl right here, are forever" love yaa<3 bayy

heyy luda i miss ya girl. love ya wish you was here with all of us, and with your son, but your in a better place now where theres no pain and you dont have to worry about anything.
~love shenessa