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//angsty rock

tony vs. steve, featuring: confusion, apprehension, rage, remorse, and finally, surrender. this is my personal storyboard for civil war. this whole playlist was inspired by the wonderful band, dorothy, which is featured in the songlist. imagine dragons also has a significant presence; they just mesh so well with the story. due to the 2 song per artist limit, i also recommend "after midnight" by dorothy and "ready aim fire" by imagine dragons. leaving these out caused me actual physical pain

cover art made by me.

10 tracks
2 comments on LONG WAY DOWN

Okay this is stellar and beautiful and I had never heard of Dorothy and omg they're great okay thank you for making this. This is by far one of the best mixes I've ever heard. (Also I lost it at Bad Blood okay im screamin)

@lumiscence THANK YOU !!! UGH i'm so glad it made an impression on someone. every time i make one of these i'm just sitting there thinking "dude i'm probs the only one who thinks these songs are so perfect"'s always gratifying to be proved wrong. also YES DOROTHY ! all of their music straight up slays me.