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80's Playlist

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Too many skipped tracks, too many broken tracks - and FAR TOO MUCH GIRLY BS! On the upside, one of the skipped tracks WAS The Smiths (I HATE SPM). I'm also guessing that yo must be a lot younger than me; I outgrew Bon Jovi about 25 years ago… some of my face bands from back then you've probably never heard of: - China Crisis, New Model Army, Alphaville, Propaganda, Strawberry Switchblade, Squeeze, The Jam/Style Council, Elvis Costello, Buzzcocks, XTC, The Stranglers, The The, Big Audio Dynamite…

I'm sixteen dude, so of course I'm not as cultured as you. But these are some of my favourites I heard growing up. This isn't a classic rock mix, while it's more of 80's pop hits and new wave. Today's music is shit, so I'd much rather listen to the 80's girly bs than listen to today's Justin Bieber bs. Sorry if it's not the mix for you, and thanks for letting me know the tracks are broken but that's not my fault, it's soundcloud's.