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from innocent flirtation to something provocative


sorry not sorry
modern au.
Washington - professor of political science, Lafayette - french exchange student


10 tracks
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@sherlockpins mylene farmer - sans contrefacon, brad neely - g.w. ,bow wow wow -aphrodisiac, anna calvi - jezebel, yeah yeah yeah - phenomena, the fratellis - dogtown, pink martini - dansez vouz, anna calvi - fire, lady gaga and tony bennet - nature boy, caro emerald - excuse my french

@fredericusrex thank you! :D I'll listen to them! ç-ç !!!!!!!!!! // I've made a Laf/Wash playlist and I plan to post it VERY SOON mlmllml ahah these two fuckin guys ...i love them

I'm crying this is the best playlist ever. I ship Laf/Wash so much.... I've been reading "Lafayette in the somewhat United States." AND IN THAT BOOK THEY TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH LAF LOVED WASH AND !!!!! I'm crying ok. Best playlist ever. I'm only at the song n.5 but I know it's all good i trust you. best playlist ever. a+. i'll downoad all the songs and cry

@sherlockpins OMG its so important to read such words to me!! i glad that u like my playlist! thank u!!! their relationship is reason to live tbh