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Lines of Transmission


Hearts, hands, wood, and strings build connections across oceans and cultures. Dhafer Youssef, Mike Moreno, Dave Holland and others play their way into our souls.

8 tracks
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Very fine to have you here.
You 've done a fine job in short time with 5 mixes! The guitarist Kevin Eubanks is new to me.
Like and admire so much Dave Holland and Dhafer Youssef (saw him live with Tigran Hamasyan on piano).
'Coup de cœur' for African Lullaby.
Merci pour le bon moment musical.

Thank you -- it's nice to be here. It seems 8tracks might be a better place now for music lovers like us.

Kevin Eubanks spent most of the last 20 years as a band leader on TV here. He recently quit that job and is recording again. Dave Holland is one of my favorite bassists and composers.

You're very fortunate to see Dhafer Youssef live! :)

...and you're welcome!

Thank you for the precisions about Kevin Eubanks. Yes... 8tracks is a nice place for our music. Like this possibility to have a conversation about music without counting the letters.
Would like to see Dave Holland live. I look on his website but the next concerts are in Boston and nothing in Europe :0(

Yes! Also, I never did talk much at the other place because of the limitations on words, and because I send everything from there to Twitter also.

Hopefully Dave Holland will be going back to Europe soon.

Greetings :)