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we go where no one goes


"i'm glad we got to train together at the guild
i'm glad we got to go on adventures together
i'm glad...i got to know you"

i played explorers of sky a few months ago and it's the best game i've ever played in my entire life so i had to make a mix for it, sorry it's so late! (album art by xarazura)

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I'm so glad someone else appreciates the mystery dungeon games!! I've had explorers of darkness for years and it's always been my favorite game ever, and recently I also got explorers of sky (though they're basically the same game). just, the plot line is so incredible and intricate!! the foreshadowing is so well done so that you don't expect the plot twists but they still make sense, and I got so attached to the characters I was genuinely crying at some parts while I played (you know which). god, I just have so many feelings about this game ahhhhhh. it's just so good, I'll never get over it.