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Jernau Gurgeh, the Player of Games


A tribute to Jernau Gurgeh, the Culture's greatest game-player and his adventure working for Contact in the Iain M. Banks novel "The Player of Games".

Like the man himself, I wanted to make this mix regretful and deep, but dynamic and adventurous. A man very much in his own head lost in a world he's never known. The song themes even follow his story, if you read them the right way.

9 tracks
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Haven't gotten around to reading Culture books yet, but I will say this was a fun playlist. A couple things though...One Night In Bangkok seems to be having a problem with the...balance, maybe? It kind of bounces all over the place. Also, The Synapse (which was a fantastic surprise btw, love the Deus Ex soundtrack) was written by Alexander Brandon. I'm new enough to 8Tracks to not know if that can be changed, so just putting that out there. Anyway, nice job!