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HAPPY VALENtine's DAaaAy neyneyneyney


Happy Valentine's DAy!!
Although this playlist has nothing to do with this day, I've decided to launch it anyway.
I hope you like the cover... It took me a while to find all those fish. Just let me know if you want it removed hih.
since I'm always criticizing your music, it is time for you to criticize mine. just letting you know, but this song is a mix of happy and sad. feel free to skip songs you don't want to listen to, though you have a limit of how much you can skip (skip wisely!!!).
I admit I procrastinated a lot while making this but you know what? ...
I've planned it for many days and yeah. that's all i've got to say.
anyway, i hope you LOVE IT and have a great valentine's day :-)))))
bye sleepyhead ;-)

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@homosensually ahhh I'm so glad you liked my playlist :-) I didn't know it was related to phan though. Thank you so much :-) I like your profile picture as well (sailor moon was the best when I was 12 heh)