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  • Crush Crush Crush On Helena (Mixup) by My Chemical Romance feat. Paramore
  • Carrie Hope Fletcher/It'sWayPastMyBedtime by Cup Song Mash Up
  • Crazy Loser DTCH Mash Beck V Beyonce by DTCH (sunny)
  • A-Punk by Various Artists
  • Evolution Of Music by Pentatonix
  • Radioactive In The Dark by Imagine Dragons
  • Fifty Shades Of Love [Ellie Goulding Oasis Green Day Whitesnake T.A.T.u.] by Dan Mei
  • I See Fire: A Mashup of Ed Sheeran, Peter Hollens and Tiffany Alvord by Pseudo Wyvern
  • Come Closer Together (Mash-Up) by Nine Inch Nails Vs The Beatles
  • Gettin Jiggy on an Island (Will Smith vs. Weezer) by Mash Brotatoes
  • Rock This! (Queen Gwen Stefani Beastie Boys Nirvana Michael Jackson & More) by
  • Spins like teen spirit by Nirvana VS Dead or Alive
  • Stayin' Hot (Nelly vs BeeGees) by Nathan Hammack
  • Chords by The Axis of Awesome
14 tracks
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