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To Be With You


For the lovely architectureofalife on tumblr for Atlantis Secret Santa 2014 ♥
❆ I wish you a very merry christmas ❄

  • Hey Now (Arty Remix) by London Grammar
  • Oceans by Coasts
    We fell in love right by the ocean...
  • The Minute (Acoustic Version) by Marion Raven
    Oh there you were and I was not prepared I wish it was a better time. Oh there you were with your forbidden stare and you could not be mine...
  • Love Love Love by Of Monsters And Men
    Those bright blue eyes can't only meet mine across the room filled with people that are less important than you... 'Cause you love, love, love When you know I can't love you...
  • You Already Know (Arcade Fire) by Liam Rubinoff
    When your love is right you can't sleep at night...
  • To Be With You by The Honey Trees
    I climbed this hill watching so still. I took to the fears of all I held dear. But up on this height, a majestic sight flooded the skies and how I could feel you near...
  • I Feel You by Placebo
    It's just the dawning of our love...
  • Poets Of The Fall by Poets of the Fall
    Dreams have nothing on my reality high on the scent of your skin...
  • Florence & the Machiene by Youv'e Got The Love
    You've got the love I need to see me through...
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