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time travel adventure

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yesssssss this is so, so much good!! you picked the best soundtracks and from so many different movies. people usually pick the classics but you changed and it makes the difference since we are all tired of listening to same songs. thank you so much! ♥

@ronyproof thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely message, i'm so glad people still like my playlists. this one in particular i also really enjoyed picking out, so i'm very happy that people appreciate that. this really made my day x

@french-zombie no way i would listen to this piece of heaven and go away without letting you know how much it's good. i'm a HUGE disney fan and i have a really good hearing for soundtracks and this playlist won my heart when played "To The Spaceport" from Treasure Planet, a.k.a my favorite disney movie. It's not one of the disney hits and just some people seem to had watched and actually!!! enjoy it as i did. and believe me, when you listen "a whole new world", "part of your world" or "colors of the wind" for the 40° time, playlists like yours can save the day.

@camalam999 i'm so glad you like them!!! i think i'm going to try to make a scary one for halloween, but they take a while to make and i'm a bit busy. but i will definetly make some in the future i love making them!