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The Latest Liquid Drum & Bass (July 2014)


Some of the latest huge releases in the liquid drum & bass scene. A mix of melodic, mellow and uplifting tracks from classic artists to up and coming dnb producers.

  • Triangles by logisticsdnb
  • Borderless (feat Whiney) by Keeno
  • Addicted by Seba
  • Like A Memory ft Pat Fulgoni (OUT NOW) by Technimatic
  • Chasing A Dream by Technimatic
  • As Sure As Sunrise (feat. Hugh Hardie) by logisticsdnb
  • Toys by Eastcolors
  • Forest Fires feat. Etherwood (Etherwood Remix) by Fred V & Grafix
  • Cold Spring feat. Robert Owens by Seba
  • Falling (feat Zoe Klinck) by Keeno
  • Cold Harsh Air (feat. Grimm) by S.P.Y. and Total Science
11 tracks