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no more roads

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I really enjoyed this mix. Thanks for putting it together. It's so skillfully done, and it's been a really long time since I found a mix I truly liked. I'm having kind of a weird night too, and this has been in my listen later's for a while. Honestly, it's just what I needed. By any chance is there a tracklist anywhere? The new copyright laws mean I have to play through YouTube which is always a losing battle, and unfortunately the page gave up on me at the end of the eleventh track. If not, it's no big deal- it'll be a surprise for me next time! (I was planning to listen to it again anyway, for sure.) Once again, it's a work of perfection!

@owlishlies this is such a sweet comment, thank you! the last song is "amy aka spent gladiator number 1" by the mountain goats, but if you want the full thing i can provide that, too