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SIDE B: set ourselves free


"this journal told me there was no one in gravity falls i could trust, but when you battle an army of gnomes side by side with someone, you realize they've probably always got your back"


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Since 8tracks is about to die, I’m just going to say I’ve been going through a lot recently. The omnipotent fear of growing up and being left behind and whatnot. And even though these playlists are years old they’ve helped me get though a lot. All of your Gravity Falls playlists have helped me remember better times and work through things and remind me that things Do get better. So thank you for everything. These playlists mean a lot to me.

I love your art and playlists so much, and you've introduced me to so much cool music! I really love 'fears ages 5-28 [aprox.]' (I mean I love it A LOT) and I'm just so glad I found it through this playlist - it inspired me to make a gravity falls AMV with it!( but the point is I just love all your creative work and really appreciate all of your gravity falls fan-works! Have a nice day!

@RaichelTheFriendly aaaaaaaa holy cow!! little did you know ive always had a secret fantasy that somebody would make an amv out of this song because of my mix, and you've just made my dreams come true! this was precious, thank you so much

aaah this is such a good mix!!! you really showed the overall optimism in the show but also the character's fear for the future of their relationship and sadness about how it wouldn't be the same as before