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wear the leash like a fashion

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This is perfect and so well thought out. Now I can listen to an accurate musical representation of Adrien and his situation, and wallow in my sadness because this sweet boy deserves so much more

the first time i saw this playlist i thought it was cute because of the cover art but now i'm just plain upset and aching. i mean it's obviously a good thing but.... ;_;

I half-listened to this once before and thought it was good; now I really listened to it and am amazed and sad. I had thought "I Lived" was so over played I could no longer feel anything upon hearing it, but it was perfect here. I also like following Adrien's progression towards freedom through the songs. Now to be annoying with literary references just in case someone here is interested. Housebroken by Hotelier reminded me of an Aesop's fable, which at first I thought was The Mischievous Dog (a dog crept around and bit people, his master hung a bell around his neck, the dog pranced around proud of the bell, then a hound told him that the bell was not an honor but a disgrace and warning, and being known isn't the same as being admired). Looking for that fable, I found The Wolf and the House Dog, where a hungry wolf tells a well-fed house dog that he would not change places with the other, for he can see the heavy collar wearing raw patches in the dog's skin.

@onceuponymous this is the sweetest comment dude, and really interesting at that! im glad my silly mix could make you think that much, i really do put a lot of work into telling a story with my playlists and im glad you picked up on it so well.

Be still my beating heart, or I shall murder you for making me feel things. This mix is too beautiful. I can't handle this.

i'm not even in this fandom but half the songs on this playlist are my new favorites. you always have such consistently good taste u_u