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I Was Made Into A Beast


"You lose your control as the pack members howl,
Running wild as the were meant to be,
You throw back your head and join the chorus of howls,
Slowly your beast breaks free." by Forsaken Redeemer

18 tracks
3 comments on I Was Made Into A Beast

Your, "Tear You Apart" is the wrong song (I love G-Dragon and CL Kpop is my thing lol don't get me wrong), but maybe you should fix the title as to not confuse people.

@Joss19 lol, uploaded them from the internet without checking, seems like someone fooed me there >.> Thanks for letting me know!

I've listened to this mix so many times. Probably the most beautiful thing i have heard, its an ephemeral feeling I have when I listen to it. It is what I need though sometimes . Thank you.