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The Seventh Circle


A mix for my novel, The Seventh Circle. TSC is a dark, YA urban fantasy about a group of demon hunters and their ultimate enemy, the king of Hell, Dante. Dark and bloody, The Seventh Circle plays with the concept of sanity and just how much one part-demon can take before she loses her mind to the dark side completely.

Includes artists like Jen Titus, Mieka Pauley, and The Hit House.

  • O Death by Jen Titus
  • The Hit House Feat Ruby Friedman – Hunt You Down (Bloodborne Trailer Song) by Ana Crenshaw
  • Arise by E.S. Posthumus
  • Jungle by Jamie N Commons
  • Marked Man by Mieka Pauley
  • C21 M045 BLOOD RED ROSES by C21FX
  • The Last of Us by Gustavo Santaolalla
  • Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
8 tracks
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