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Grrrl Rock!


All female bands, female fronted bands, or, (in the case of The Cramps), essential members who are female. Girls can rock too! Give it up for the girls!

115 tracks
8 comments on Grrrl Rock!

Thank you for this! I've been searching for riot grrrl, feminist, and female-driven playlists on 8tracks but... I keep getting disappointed to find out most of them are top 40 pop tunes. Thanks for this mix of tough, original, rocking ladies!

It is my absolute pleasure! I remember this movement well, and many of my friends were involved in various ways. It is sad how so many people seem to think that the manufactured pop of today relates to feminism or empowerment. Enjoy! And never let anyone tell you that women can't rock. That, my friend, is bull shit!!

Amazing playlist, I really liked it nowadays very few people appreciate this kind of music, glad there's still people who know about this bands. Thank you so much!

Right on! Yes, music has been marginalized these days. I try to keep putting out mixes of good music to remind people that, at least once upon a time, young people knew how to rock, and had a conscience. Keep listening. Thanks.

A long mix. Over 100 songs. Did my best to edit. (I took out pretty much all of the R&B/Soul and folk). But a lot of great music. More of a soundtrack to your day then a mix.