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The Other Side of the 80's - Part 2

8 comments on The Other Side of the 80's - Part 2

What a wonderful nostalgia bomb you've crafted here. I'll definitely have to check out the other mix. I, for one, would welcome an even deeper mix...

Hey Tulpa. FYI, Other Side Part 3 is in the final edit stage right now. I should have it up in a day or two. Hope you like it.

These are really deaper cuts from the 80s,not the classic alternative songs we usually listen to.VERY GOOD JOB,i enjoy listening to this playlist.

Thanks Aghast! I love this music too. This was a sequel to another mix, (The Other Side of the 80's...) that I posted here that people really seem to like. I'm happy to know that there is a lot of people who like this music. When I was growing up, punks and indie rockers were underground.