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The Other side of the 80's, Part 3: Trolling the Depths


Everything here was born from punk. It isn't all punk, some new wave, college rock, goth, indie, etc. But it was all inspired by punk. This is the final part of my 3 part "Other Side of the 80's" mixes. Deepest cuts yet. I hope this inspires all who listen to go out and discover these records, these bands, and keep this music alive forever.

79 tracks
4 comments on The Other side of the 80's, Part 3: Trolling the Depths

Hummn, first time I listened to it the fist song I got was by X. I remember thinking that that was a good way to get an instant like from me. Ah well, c'est l'anarchie...

Thanks. I think I swapped X and the Zero Boys around as 1 and 2. Anyway, enjoy the mixes! Always nice to "meet" someone who likes this stuff. Most people say "Husker who?" haha!

A good mix yet again! I found myself vividly remembering the brown, AM/FM radio in my bedroom that a lot of this came out of way back when...

Thanks man. I have fun making these. Question, I keep organizing the tunes in a particular order, but every time I check the mix it looks like it reverts back to alphabetical. What was the first song on the mix when you listened to it? (If you don't remember, no worries).

Ya know what? It looks like it all corrected itself. First song should be The Zero Boys. (Who knew such good punk could come from the mid-west in the early 80's)? Haha. Anyway, thanks for the kind words. Message me if you want me to attempt any other types of mixes. (Wish I could get paid to make mixes and soundtracks)!