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open your mind..

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just chill and listen to some sweet stuff..
This will help with the homework

  • Cloud Atlas Opening Title Theme (From "Cloud Atlas") by Thematic Pianos
  • The Imitation Game by Alexandre Desplat
  • Cambridge, 1963 by Jóhann Jóhannsson
  • Clair De Lune by Chris Hamilton
  • Thomas Newman (Cover) by Any Other Name
  • He Cinematic Orchestra by Arrival of the Birds
  • The Concert Event) by Until The Last Moment (Yanni
  • Dawn (From Pride and Prejudice 2005 Film) by Thematic Pianos
  • hanz zimmer by Hanz Zimmer
  • Cornfield Chase by Hans Zimmer
  • The Man Without A Face by Flying
  • E, For Harp Trio by Define Dancing, from Wall
12 tracks
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