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Christian Rhythmic mix


Gospel/Christian music of urban genres such as club, rap, dance, hiphop, dubstep, techno, trance or any other rhythmic style

  • OADA Master's Mixx Round 1 @oneaccorddjs by DJ Tony Tone BKS
  • Zone Out (Amped Remix) (Produced by Joseph Prielozny, Black Knight & Karac) by KB
  • City on the Hill by REMIX
  • Hard feat. KJ-52 by Dae-Lee
  • Dum Dum (feat. Lecrae) by Lecrae
  • Robot by Trip Lee
  • Hallelujah by Lecrae
  • African Drum (Live) @DwayneTryumf @flavorradio by Dwayne Tryumf
  • Am I Trending (ft FLAME) @Vrosemusic @Flame314 @flavorradio by V.Rose
  • B-I-B-L-E (feat. C-West & Willz) @flavorradio by Whoz Meech
  • Celebrate @eyeamjt @flavorradio by J.T.
  • #RIG [Rest In Grief] ft. Blaack @cjemulous @flavorradio by CJ Emulous
  • Spirit Break Out (ft Kim Walker-Smith) @flavorradio by @EliseoWay
  • Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) (Greg Hobgood Remix) by David Thulin
  • EMBR See The Light EP by Amberdehn14
15 tracks