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Everything I Am in 8 Songs


"If my hands could hold them you'd see
I'd take all these secrets in me
And I'd move and mold them to be
Something I'd set free"

8 tracks
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Man, it's kinda weird how much this mix reminds me of me circa my gap year. Especially Let the Rain and Alone in the Universe. But to make this comment less pointless, I gotta say you really did a good job of picking songs that packed a rather poignant punch, making the most of just 8.

@wishing aw wow that's so cool! Alone in the Universe is actually a song that has just stuck with me my entire life. My uncle gave me a seussical CD when I was little and ever since it's just been the soundtrack of my spirit. All of these songs I've picked have been with me substantially at some point in my life--it was a super easy mix to make it literally took me 5 minutes.

@FullDizz I hadn't heard Alone in the Universe until I was halfway through hs, but I really get what you mean about it sticking and being the soundtrack of your spirit. It's really cool that you got this together so easily! I'm not like that with music. I love it, but it's never been as defining in my life as film.... idk

@wishing I do that with some films as well, but I'm a singer and poet by nature so music is just such a part of me. Like my family is super musical we have arranged acappella songs we sing together on roadtrips and I've always done chorus stuff. I share films with people more than I share songs, too, so I don't have to worry about associating my favorite songs with someone who ended up being crap.

@FullDizz That's really amazing about your family! I get what you mean about protecting the association. I've had MANY films ruined for me, but luckily it never lasted. I just thought, would it be ok if I followed you on tumblr? I saw yours on your 8tracks bio, and I don't use mine much because I always run into angry folks on that site, but it might be a cool to chat while leaving room for others to comment on your mixes. But it's all up to you, ofc.

@wishing omg yeah of course I'd love that!!! Just shoot me a message there :D (i'm not logged in right now because I'm supposed to be working on a paper that I should get back to, but when I'm done I'll def log on and reply/follow back :D)