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Freckly & Feisty


"You’re not all alone. I’m still here for you."

"You’re right. All this time I thought you were my assistant, but it turns out you were really my-"


Some friend-ship some romantic-ship. Basically, this playlist is Ally's worst fear.

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This playlist concept just amuses me so much. I never understood the idea of the actual ship, but you just hit every note, so to speak, so well. Like the first song!!!!! It fits so perfectly. And Disgusting is absolutely perfect for this mix, too - whole thing is great, reallyz

@trainer shauna haha I'm totally into Trez, but that's mostly bc my big sis is totally into Trez so we get excited together. Mostly, as a professional a&a watcher, their friendship is soooo important because when austin starts being too busy for Dez, he actually is able to turn to Trish like they hang out all the time doing silly things and fighting. BUT ENOUGH OF THaT thank you so much for your comment :D I was intimidated to take on such a difficult concept (because YEaH Trez is a little out there) so it means a lot that you think I did a good job :D

@FullDizz I can relate to the sibling thing! It's fun to have something to share. I definitely agree that their friendship is significant, too. And you're very welcome!