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I've Got a Dream


"Yes, I'd rather be called deadly for my killer showtune medley!"

BASICALLY those slightly overly-popular songs all teenage boys with a passion for guitar learn and play endlessly from their bedrooms--but focusing on the faves of one particular lazy teenage boy

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I do not think I really get the concept behind this mix, although it seems interesting, but anyway, I love the music! I am obsessed with Lost Stars, Hey Brother, and basically any Ross Lynch song from Austin and Ally, so heck yeah this was great. I mean, I enjoyed songs beyond those three, but they were my favorites.

@wishing hahahaha it's an OC mix for a character my friend and I made up. He was supposed to be an inside joke more than anything which is why I made the description so vague. Basically my friend made a Tangled OC that's Flynn/Rapunzel's daughter and she used Maia Mitchell as the FC so I said "What if Ross Lynch was her brother" bc of Teen Beach Movie and how Mack is all "Sorry boys I don't sing" while Brady is all "I GOTTAAAA DREAAAM". Therefore this playlist is supposed to have vague Rapunzel vibes but is also just teenage boy acoustics. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy it without knowing what the heck was going on xD omg I LOVE A&A you and I have so much in common it's crazy

@wishing (additional explanation: teenage boy acoustics bc his dream is to be a professional musician tada you can find him here http://ofhealiing.tumblr.com/ even though my friend and i havent done anything yet bc shes currently in new york)

@FullDizz Dude, I love next gen ocs! Also, gotta say, Maia Mitchell makes a really good fc for a Flynpunzel kid... Never thought of that. But wow, I am totally NUTS about the parallel you made there. It's so perfect. Ha! We do share a lot of interests. It's fun to keep finding them out, I think.

@wishing DOESN'T SHE? My friend has good taste in FC's mine are always just jokes or my favorite people. Like I have a Belle blog and do a lot of HS stuff so I use Laura Marano just because I love her. So now i have a laura character and a ross character there is no variety in my life