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God bless season 2 giving this guy some concrete character traits so I can give him a playlist and complete my set. Because who doesn't love Mr. Perfect?

[Inspired heavily by Girl Meets the Secret of Life]

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I am 100% behind on the new season, so I think this kind of went over my head, but Lost Stars is one of my favorite songs EVER, and the whole playlist had a nice feel! So, yes, much love for this.

@trainer shauna Oh omgggggg please listen to "Trouble" by Imagine Dragons once you catch up that song is the reason I finally buckled down and made this playlist but it only makes sense when you see GIrl Meets Secret Life. BaSICaLLY you know how lucas is so unreal and cory being soo protective over riley from him doesnt quite make sense? Thinks make SENSE now & Lucas's perfection doesnt make me mad anymore

@FullDizz I binged last night after I happened to find out Eric was in the new episode, and watching that, and Secret of Life was GREAT and that particular song fits it sooooo well!