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Ravenclaw: On I Go to Wonder and to Learning


Broadway songs about Intelligence, Wit, Wisdom, Creativity, Originality, Individuality, and Acceptance

(Let me know how I did bc out of all the houses I'm the least confident in my understanding of Ravenclaw)

14 tracks
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Thank you for making this! I'm so glad you did; this definitely aligns with what "being a Ravenclaw" means to me, and the song choices are A+. The inclusion of the Seussical and Legally Blonde songs, in particular, put a smile on my face. Now I want to put the songs that remind me of Ravenclaw all on one playlist and publish it; this has inspired me! :)

@wishing Ah I'm so glad you liked it :D I can't believe we have the same faces omg I feel like a lot of people don't know Seussical but it's so important to me!!!! You totally should do a Ravenclaw playlist I'd love to see what goes in it!!

@FullDizz :D Seussical has been a pretty big piece of my life, I totally get what you mean! Haha, I'll definitely have to put together that Ravenclaw playlist, now.