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When a Dream is Calling You


There's just one thing that you can do.

This is a personal playlist but also a Rapunzel playlist? These things happen.

12 tracks
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oh man, I really can relate to this mix. I almost cried at Wake Me Up and pretty close after, then you hit hard with I'm Going To Go Back There Someday. And Follow that Dream is just... I'm beyond words. God, this playlist is so... Real. And yet, it also does work as a Rapunzel playlist! A++ above and beyond.

@trainer shauna Ah I'm so glad you like it! I've had this in my unpublished mixes for forever--couldn't figure it out until I published all the sadder songs in their own separate playlist. But all these songs make my heart /yearn/ so I'm really glad it had that effect on someone else too and I'm not just some weirdo. Fun fact: I discovered Follow That Dream from you and your Eupunzel mix! Which is why I followed you! Which was an amazing decision :D We need to chat again soon I just finished finals and I wanna know how your camp nano went!!

@FullDizz Yesss, yearning is the perfect word! You are definitely not just some weirdo, ha ha. And seriously? That's really awesome! Thank you, too. :D And yeah, we definitely need do, although I nominate Skype texting this time maybe? Just a personal preference, idk why.

@trainer shauna I agree--skypes much better than tumblr messaging yuck. Today I gotta catch up on chores & stuff but I'll hit you up once I get my life in order sometime this evening :O