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Room with yellow wallpapers

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Looking out of a window on a rainy day. Peeking through the lace curtain. Raindrops gently tapping the glass. You can remember the scent of your grandmother's perfume.

  • First time outside by Zbigniew Preisner
  • Liquid Spear Waltz by Michael Andrews
  • All You Are Going to Want to Do Is Get Back There by The Caretaker
  • Dancing With the Bear by Jan Kaczmarek
  • What Must Be Done by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  • La vie en rose with lyrics by Edith Piaf
  • THE CARETAKER by The Caretaker
  • Walz C#mi. Chopin by Graci Dazl
  • Tsubaki by Yuriko Nakamura
  • Si Tu Vois Ma Mere by titomartino
10 tracks
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