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Here Comes Justice


"I think I was born this way. Other kids wanted to play cops and robbers...I only wanted to play cops."
- - - -
Possible (?) minor Dual Destinies spoilers near the end.
B slur warning at the end of first song.
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8 tracks
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Hello! I love this playlist! Could you please tell me where you found the song "Good at what I do" by Norbert Leo Butz? I've been looking for it but I can't find it on youtube or anything :C

@LittleLawlipop Oh, thank you! Apologies for the late reply. I'm sorry to say I can't remember where I got it from. :^( I think I found it on an music downloader on my old phone a couple years ago. I really wish I could'e helped you more, I'm really sorry. ;;