Furiously Female
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Don't forget me, I'm still here.

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Nineteen tracks including music by ALEXUS, Day One, and Deccies.

  • Say Stay (Ft Myth) by Qduction
  • Solar Orbit by Day One
  • Sleepless by Malaky
  • Among Stars by Lipsee
  • GWTF (Uppwind Records) by Deccies
  • Nymfo & MC Fava by Bipolar
  • Being Nowhere (Phuzion DIgital) by Alexus
  • Never the Same (feat. Misti) by mallocbaldwin
8 tracks
2 comments on Don't forget me, I'm still here.

in love with every one of these tracks! great selection thank you for putting it all together with the soundcloud links :)

Hey , glad you like them I try to be selective in what I add, also I try to add soundcloud links only so the artist gets proper recognition,,,( people can download etc) I love these tracks as well <3 Thanks for your feed back !!

very thoughtful! 8tracks is where I've found the majority of my music purchases over the last few years..The soundcloud integration has only made it better!