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Dark Dusty Jacket

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Healer, eh...? Well get yer arse on a plane, come to London - and heal ME, cos I've had just about all I can FUCKING STAND of being sick! UK 'healthcare' system doesn't give a flying fuck (it's TOTALLY inaccessible to me, anyway; I'm probably - no DEFINITELY - the most autistic person on Earth, no social, interpersonal, nor communication skills (I stopped developing emotionally around the age of 3, because the nuns at school kept me in solitary (seriously!) cos they said I was "satanic" and "the daughter of the devil"; they told the other kids to keep away from me because I was going to hell and, if they had any contact with me, that's where THEY'D end up, too. They legitimised it by claiming I was dyslexic, which my folks went along with, despite the fact I was reading fluently at 18m). Do I care if ya think I'm a nut-job...?! Nope - everybody else does). I'm on my own with trying to recover my health, family won't help, unless I "conform", "be less difficult/more amenable", stop being autistic, basically. "CONFORM"...?! YOU know what THAT means as well as *I* do, gormlessly follow the legions of lobotomised lummoxes, swallowing the evil, poisonous, toxic shite Big Pharma wants ya to chuck down yer piehole, rather than partaking of The Holistic Cure because, as we both know, it's called dope for a reason (at least it is in the UK, think 'dope' is crack in the US, right...? Or is it heroin...?). Cannabis kills ya brain, pot makes ya paranoid, ganja causes cancer, sensi causes seizures and schizophrenia - and, of course, one spliff will have ya trying to find the nearest crack dealer (yep, they're STILL pushing that one! AND my folks believe 'em!). Ironic, ain't it...? I'm in urgent need of medical assistance yet, due to me being so fucked up, the only way I'm gonna be able to obtain medical assistance is toking (which MIGHT render medical assistance unnecessary (doubt it, think I'm a candidate for gallbladder surgery). If I attempt to attend A&E (the ER) in the state I am NOW, all that'll happen is that I'll end up incarcerated in the local nuthouse (after the plod have kicked me nut in, of course!). I can't deal with the level of noise in A&E depts, it causes me to panic, which means the cops get called, I get kicked, cuffed and carted off to the loony bin, where I'll spend 28 days under observation (even tho I'm NOT mentally ill) with sadistic staff who delight in making my 'life' a living hell (example: - locking me in a room with at least 50 other people, with a radio turned up to at least 15 (can't cope with being round people for much more than 10 mins, can't cope with excessive noise levels for less than that). Then, when I begin to scream and panic, they'll barge in, knock me to the floor, pin me down and stab me with a hypodermic containing 200 units of some benzo or other. Then I'll be dragged off to my cell, forced to strip naked, my 'bed' will be dragged in front of the doors, which will be locked back!). I don't give a fuck if you think I'm crazy - I'm NOT crazy, I'm fucking TERRIFIED! My body is packing up, I can barely eat, I can hardly sleep, and I live with 2 people who'd be 100% fully complicit with all of this, because it's "high time" I "learnt to conform". It's been nearly 3 years since I became really crook, and all I want is the same as everyone else - to be 100% healthy and be able to live a proper life as best I can (and by "100% healthy" I mean 'not stuffed full of Big Pharma's toxins, and eating a whole food low-carb/high-fat palaeo diet (the opposite of what the NHS says is heakt