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fuuji's new mix

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'almost understood' :) that happens because you can't see my hands!! I meant, i would love to listen more and more, even have the time to cook, to stretch, etc, with your mixes and other djs mixes:) Being listening in a hurry:( not the way. But loved your reply! and the 'silence'.... yes

Oh I see! Too many delicious musics. Too busy to listen to all of them. But I want more and more. Yes,completely the same as you :)

hi fuuji! thx for visit and liked all your mixes:) so many delicious musics but little time in my life at this moment though..... a bit sad about it being music such an addiction:))

Hi raquelrita, thanks for the comment, and glad you liked my mixes:)
Almost understood. I spend most of my time listening to music. It's so happy thing to me, but certainly there is the risk of addiction. The time of silence(no music) is also very important to me.

Beautiful mix fuuji. Perfect for a melancholic jazz evening.
Since the blocked mp3s on Blip I missed Ocean And The River you had u/led there.
And you know I'm fan of Marvin Sewell (who plays also his guitar with Cassandra Wilson).
Merci ✬

You're very welcome,Sabine.
Very glad you like this mix. And also very glad you like Abdullah's tune & Marvin Sewell,too.
I made a new mix for the first time since I came to blip.fm.
Thanks for listening. :)