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As a Chinese person I kind of wish that Endless Love was completely in Mandarin rather than partially, but that's not my decision to make since this is not my playlist, lol. Anyway, even so, this is still a great playlist nonetheless

If you don't mind, I would like to know who the singer of 落花 古风 is. I hope my previous comment didn't offend you, by the way.

@anonymouss3 I kind of wish that too but as another Chinese person, I don't personally mind too much because it's a nice song and I lacked another one to replace it. :3

@anonymouss3 I'm not entirely sure as it was a cover (i think) I found online without a proper artist listed, and I tried really hard to find the singer but to no avail. There's another version out there but I think it's a cover. Nah, the previous comment was okay I guess but I'm Chinese and I speak Mandarin so it was my own conscious jurisdiction to put it in there despite that it's not entirely Chinese since it's one I enjoy and think fits them quite well.