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The Ghosts I Leave Behind


After following Morrigan through the eluvian, Warden Commander Tabris became lost in the crossroads. Wandering for what seemed like days she finally came upon an active mirror which, when touched, left her stranded in the middle of a field on Mindoir.

In the aftermath of the Batarian attack she took on her host family’s name, and enlisted in the Alliance military.

Everything in her life was normal, or as normal as it can be while gearing up for a galactic war in a last attempt to save all life in the galaxy, until one day, while tracking a Cerberus beacon to a quarantined planet, she hears the calling. Faintly in her dreams at first, but the pull becomes stronger the closer they get to the Cerberus outpost. She may have finally found her home, but is that really what she still wants?

13 tracks
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