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i brought an empire to his knees


« he walked down, for a long while avoiding looking at her as at the sun, but seeing her, as one does the sun, without looking. »
-- leo tolstoy, anna karenina


this is the love story of belgium and spain.
(male voices are from spain's perspective and female ones are from belgium's. pretty easy right?)



☼ 1 - 6. whenever i'm alone with you, you make me feel like i am whole again.
1400s to 1500s.

☼ 7 - 12. if anyone can make me a better person, you could.
1500s to 1600s.

☼ 13 - 18. you wonder why i'm scared of fire; you wonder why you make girls cry.
1600s to 1700s.

☼ 19 - 24. you won't see me fall apart, 'cause i've got an elasticheart.
1700s to 1800s.

☼ 25 - 30. come to me my sweetest friend, this is where we start again.
present day.

30 tracks
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