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that time where you just wanna cry without any reason


when you look out to your window, or up the ceiling, or to the people around you. you just wanna go and cry because of something or everything

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I honestly cry so much that I don't even know the real reason why I want to cry. Maybe it's because i feel like i deserve nothing more than to cry, or maybe it's because i know there's nothing else left to do. I like how this list stared with Tee Shirt, one of the best songs i've ever heard. Right now I just want to get all the tears and pain out of my system, even if it's just for a while. Thank you for making this moment a little less miserable for me.

@calbears Hi, calbears everything will be alright, because happy ending is meant for everyone. You still have tomorrow to make everything alright. All well will end well.

This mix explains my life I just cry in the middle of the night with no reason... I'm so sad that I'm sad and I don't know why...

@sxttledowngabby i feel you. there's actually a lot of reasons why i cry. but the thing is i don't actually get the real reason why.