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lol love sucks


i thought you'd be different...

  • HSM (Cover by Paulo & Shane) by Can I Have This Dance
  • Here Without You by 3 Doors Down
  • 01 Cry (From Dance Moms ) by valleyb3
  • Adore You (Acoustic Version) by Miley Cyrus
  • All I Wanted (Acoustic) by YelyahWilliams
  • Beyonce by Beyoncé
  • Marisa Bonanno by Love Will Remember Acoustic W Harmonies Cover
  • Hunter Hayes (Acoustic Cover) by Wanted
  • Middle Of Nowhere by Middle of Nowhere
  • Justin Bieber (Acoustic Cover) by Up
  • Price Tag (Acoustic Cover MashUp) by Perfect Two
  • Fall (Acoustic) by Justin Bieber
  • Plug In Stereo (Acoustic Cover) by Oh Darling
  • One less lonely boy by Karmena A.
  • IamGunyel by Next to you (acoustic version) by
  • Justin Bieber ft. Jessica Jarrell (deeper pitched) by Overboard
  • Say Something (Acoustic Cover Feat. Calle Kosloske) by | Nerx |
  • Waiting For Superman by Daughtry
  • Justin Bieber (deeper pitched) by Stuck In The Moment
  • That Should Be Me (Acoustic) by maddijanemusic
20 tracks
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