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A mixture of modern, classical and traditional music to tell a story which predates them all. Each track or two has been paired with a part Ingólfr’s Saga summed up in a sentence (numbered in order of first play through). Travellers ye be warned for here there be spoilers!

1. Let’s Introduce a Royal Wolf
2. Iceland Discovered
3. Hráfna Floki Returns
4. Blood feud
5. Driven from Home
6. Sea crossing
7. First Sight of Iceland
8. Three years
9, 10. Landing
11. I’m sorry to tell you this, Hjörleif is dead…
12. Bury your brother (He literally carried him up a mountain to do so).
13, 14. Revenge
15. Lament for the slain (potential technical issue)
16. Home
17. My legacy will endure
18. Spirit Rising
19. Torstein Ingólfrsson fathers the Althing

19 tracks
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