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Psybient Love [GAGARINMIX-09] (compiled & mixed live by Gagarin Project)


#you can find a mixed version of this work at

this mix was recorded live after a Neuroscience conference in an underground Paris cafe (14/12/2011 from 23:00-23:55).

Live, Love, Create and Enjoy,
Gagarin Project

9 tracks
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stop spamming our pages! if you want to participate in the community here, great. take the time to listen and interact and you'll probably interact with some amazing peoples. autobot posts aren't appreciated and make you look like a giant douche. stop it.

there is incomprehension, i see clearly your point, but i have to say that i listen to all of the mixes that i commented (at least a half of the tracks).

sorry for giving you bad first opinion. Let's continue to share and discover beautyfull music.

one love!

I see where you are coming from but 4 comments on 4 mixes in 8 minutes is hardly taking the time to listen. looks like you've a cool concept and setup but are going about soliciting yourself in the wrong way. If the above was true why use the same line every time? what was one thing on each mix you found that you liked? something new? something you already love? one love includes being present and giving other content creators the same respect you'd like to receive.

you are totally right copy/paste is lame. actually, i heard mixes not the same day that i posted comments. Will try to be more creative with my feedback on mixes.